Local Rules

  1. OUT OF BOUNDS (Rule 27-1)
    a) All walls and fences surrounding the course.
    b) White posts or railings bordering reservoir at 8th and 11th holes.
    c) White posts to right hand side of 3rd fairway designate out of
  2. PENALTY AREAS (Rule 26-1)
    Drainage ditches between red posts are penalty areas. All
    other penalty areas are defined by yellow posts.
  3. EMBEDDED BALL (Rule 25-2)
    Plugged balls are now entitled to relief anywhere through the green, not just fairway as previously stated in book (Rule 25-2).
  4. GROUND UNDER REPAIR (Rule 25-1b)
    A ball coming to rest in areas defined as G.U.R. must be lifted and
    dropped within one club-length at nearest point of relief without
  5. STONES IN BUNKERS (Rule 24-1)
    Stones in bunkers are movable obstructions.
  6. All immovable obstructions on the course shall be treated under
    (Rule 24-2).
  7. A ball lying on a road or pathway may be lifted and dropped within
    one club-length, not nearer hole without penalty (Rule 24-2b).
  8. A ball coming to rest on protruding rocks or protruding rocks
    effecting a player’s stance may be lifted and dropped within one
    club-length from nearest point of relief without penalty (Rule
    A ball lying on any tractor mark may be lifted and dropped, within
    one club-length, not nearer hole, without penalty (Rule 24-2b).
  10. STAKED TREES (Rule 24-2b)
    If such a tree interferes with a player’s stance or swing the ball must
    be lifted and dropped within one club-length not nearer the hole
    without penalty.

For Play

  1. The Captain shall have the privilege of the first tee at all times.
  2. The Rules of Golf, as published by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club,
    St. Andrews, shall be the rules for play, except in so far as these may
    be modified by any local rules adopted by the Committee.
  3. The definition of the boundaries of the course and the local rules are
    printed on the scorecard. Amendments thereto are posted on the
    notice boards in the locker rooms.
  4. All players must replace turf removed by them in the course of play,
    smooth over marks in bunkers, repair plug marks on greens, and
    generally help to keep the course tidy. It is the responsibility of
    every member to ensure their guest(s) also observe this rule.
  5. Pace of Play
    All players should play on the course without undue delay and
    keep pace with the game ahead. Members should at all times show
    consideration to all others using the course. Players
  6. Golf bags are not to be dropped or placed on any putting surface.
  7. Caddy Cars
    7.1 are not to be taken on or across greens and tees.
    7.2 are not to be routed over banks surrounding greens and tees, or
    through the spaces between bunkers and greens.
    7.3 are not to be parked at the front of greens when putting, but
    taken to the side nearest the next tee.
    7.4 are not to be taken into the locker room.
    7.5 are to be used with care to avoid damage to the course
  8. Practice within the boundaries of the course prior to a stroke
    competition incurs disqualification from the competition. Playing
    more than two balls on the course at any time is prohibited.
  9. Practice pitching on to the putting green is not permitted at any
  10. No member is to play on the course when the course has been
    officially closed due to weather or other conditions.
  11. Member are to display their identification bag tags at all times on the