Fereneze Golf Club is a thriving private club offering a great course, excellent facilities, and a friendly welcoming atmosphere. Membership numbers are restricted, especially for Full Members and Junior Members. 

Below is a guide to the various categories of memberships that we currently offer:   

 Full Membership    Unrestricted playing rights.
 Full Membership
 18-30 years
 £462 per year
 No  joining fee
 Unrestricted playing rights.
 Intermediate  Membership  £460 per year
 No  joining fee
 Playing rights for weekdays on  before  16.00hrs.
 No voting rights.
 Red Tee  Membership
 (Ladies/Gents  restricted)
 £500 per year
 No joining fee
 Playing rights for weekends after 10.00 but excluding
 12.30-15.30 ( 14.30 on non competition days).
 Weekday exclusions are 17.00-18.30 on Tuesday,  Thursday  and Friday.  Full voting rights.
 Junior Membership
 10-18 years
   Playing rights for weekends after 10.00 hrs but  excluding  12.30-15.30  (14.30  on non-  competition  days) on Saturdays  and excluding 12.30-13.30  Sundays.
 Weekday exclusions are 17.-18.30 on tuesday  
 Thursday  and  Friday.
 No voting rights. Free coaching.
 Juvenile  Membership
 (Pee-Wee, 8-10yrs)
 £10 1st year  Playing rights for weekdays (excluding 16.00 to  19.00)  after 17.00 Saturday, and after 16.00  Sunday.
 Juveniles must play with an adult member.
 House Membership  £42 per year